Today I had my first ever aromatherapy massage and it was FUCKING AMAZING!!!! Having my lil worn out bod rubbed down good with almond and lavender seeping into my skin was like growing angel wings… BUT BETTER AS I DIDN’T HAVE TO DIE!!!! Seriously though, the experience and talking with Helen (she was the lovely boss ass witch reconnecting me back to my Chakras and stuff ) really made me understand how important taking care not only of practical shit is, but of your soul which is your body (and not). I find it so hard to relax, but now I have felt (literally) the light.

This lesson reminded me of one of my closest friends, a flower with freckles and an addiction to cheesecake. Daisy AKA TOUGH SIRLOIN. (If you read this- heyyyyy ๐Ÿ™‚ ) She is constantly reminding me of the strength that hides in being softer. In not letting ‘haters’ fuck you around- fighting them with scented candles, blankets in the garden and dancing in my bedroom- leanin and boppin out onto the street.

Today’s post is an oldie but a goldie (see what i did there?)- Daisy, we made it through these first two years and I hope we can continue to align our Chakras together


We were earthless, and just
glorious with her sugar hiccups.
Heart pieces laughed and cradled
chocolate mouthfuls of oblivion.
Notice bare shoulders,
two pink gold butterflies. What
could be sweeter?
In absences between fingers
romance keeps its castle, yet
no poems hide with my
cotton thing. Spaceship feet
romp happy as lords,
she knows the hurt in shoe-gazing.
We found what angels see.


Author: mollygbeale

POETESS AND FAIRY GRRRL Got tomboy graces and a phat heart singin' "middle fingers up fuck the system" because nothing about you aint' precious

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