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Hello/Aloha/ Hallo/ Bonjour /Hola /Jambo /Sawubona/Slav

AND WELCOME TO TOMBOY!!!!! an independent press currently trying to blossom in a world gaslighting the common heartbeat with Trump’s cheeto chauvinism and strong, stable fascism.

I am Molly, AKA- queen of crying in public and currently the sole labour behind Tomboy Press, which I hope to be an inclusive/ diverse/ respectful / interesting but most of all FUN space to publish ideas, feelings and poetry!

Tomboy Press currently has two books under it’s belt, I Try To Love (2018) and We Live In Hope (2018). All future publications will be promoted on this blog. Whilst i’m not writing books, make sure to come on here and check out my reviews for books i’d have read from other authors. DISCLAIMER ALERT !!! (I promise I won’t give any spoilers)

Current Books

The first book ever published under Tomboy, i’d recommend a cup of tea and a lil something else (i’ll let you use your imagination)

The most recent book released in November 2018. This is a series of a collection of poems written at different stages of my life. There’s at least one poem for everyone, hopefully you’ll enjoy them all :).

Book Reviews

  • TOMBOY BOOKCLUB- The Terrible!!!
    Everybody gets settled in layers sometimes: relentless sediments of little things that somehow pile up, broiling into a bodily pressure. Like a stone of fruit nuzzled at the back of your throat, or the constant feeling there is something you … Read more
    Hello everybody!!! It has been a HOT MINUTE since I posted on here, so excuse me if this is long…  BUT ANYWAYS!!! Todays book is thoroughly inspiring and informative, offering an alternative history; the flip side of a coin that … Read more
    Helloooo!!!!! It has been a hot minute since I last blessed the internet with my unwarranted literary insights and opinions, BUT NO WORRIES I AM STILL HERE TO BLABBER INTO THE ETHER!!!! The book today is a slightly chunkier tome … Read more